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Report will inscribe Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on August 24: Remember well first heart mission, rise dozen gain ability — Chairman Xi Jinping inspects air force some base is main the speech causes reporter of intense and resonant Xinhua News Agency in the liberation army and armed police army piece Mi Mi   on August 22, xi Jinping of chairman of chairman of secretary-general of Central Committee of Communist Party of China, state, central the Central Military Commission inspects air force some base, those who emphasize wanting development study to carry 松江 桑拿会所 哪家好out thought of socialism of characteristic of new era China and new era party is strong army thought, carry out strategic principle of new era military affairs deep, remember well first heart mission, rise dozen gain ability, celebrate new China to hold water 70 years with outstanding achievement. The serious talk of chairman of be used to, intense echo is caused in the liberation army and armed police army. Broad officers and soldiers expresses in succession, always should remember chairman of be used to well ardent entrust, develop a tradition, keep ecru, the real operation that training of deep-felt consideration translate into prepares for war, center energy a secretary in charge of sth to do poineering work, 阿拉爱上海 验证贴 阿拉爱上海手机版finish the mission job that good party and people gift, establish tribute 70 years for new China with outstandi上海外围经纪人 上海外围女价格ng achievement. “Do not forget first heart, remember a mission wel上海闵行区水磨哪家服务好l ”     ” can connect a line with video of chairman of be used to, it is our sovereign honor. ” Li Jun of political instructor of some radar station says air man. 22 days, chairman of be used to watchs troop through video, enquire job of radar station officers and soldiers and life circumstance, they carry on encourage traditional, keep ecru, hammer into shape excellent quality, faithful walk on duty responsible. That evening, radar station the deep-felt encourage around chairman of be used to上海会所微信公众号, hold party group to be able to spread out to discuss ardently. Time hope the heart looks into future first, officers and soldiers express in succession, want to make persistent efforts, take root high mountain builds achievement, build top-ranking company hard, defend good motherland blue sky. P上海最新油压论坛reparing for war in insecurity complete essential factor i干磨水磨服务什么意思s critical the ground of air force of mid war zone of drilling of machine start battle guides some brigade ” heroic battalion ” officers and soldiers, it is important that chairman of be used to learned on position speech. Battalion teachs a Ma Xiaodong to say, send a person as the hero, must gene of self-conscious inheritance good red, according to cacique entrust, sturdy confidence, grab get right on the job really, practice is made into one action enemy true kongfu strong capability. Student of flight of organization of institute of flight of air force Harbin is far go to the site of school of northeast old ship besides a thousand li to begin ” the stay away from home that finds a root ” educational activity, comprehend person of older generation air force in the land of one province o上海虹口油压会所推荐r county enlosed by that of another since people air man first heart mission. “The serious talk of chairman of be used to makes us times get encouragement, regard an air force as flight student, 上海有哪些水疗we remember chairman entrust well certainl上海按摩推油生意好做吗y, do not forget the heart at the beginning of the flight, fly to 10 thousand lis high not get lost. ” flourishing of rain of flight student leaf says. “Once,ensure occupied can go up to go, hit so that win ” v of   iron ala, smoke of gunpowder diffuses, downy region of some road virgin soil, a helicopter passes by the tip of a tree to fly to task airspace, spread out battlefield to rescue trainin松江比较好的水磨g — this is air force some carries officers and soldiers of the group that rescue chairman of be used to kind consideration translate into is excellent dozen of real move that wins competence. As horse and foot current and the earliest, exclusive one is carried out fly the army that sows affor上海静安会所 上门按摩spaestation task, this group 30 old and consistent day, spread green in the desert desert western. Colonel holds the post of Yong Jun to say: “The abundant abundant great trust of chairman of be used to is we are strenuous and ongoing 足浴全身油压什么意思not exhaust motivation. We should take on in zoology construction already important task, more want focusing future battlefield, experienced ‘ macrocosm motor-driven, essence is accurate efficient ‘ the ability that rescue. ” the rocket that   is executing mission of some new-style missile test army technology of some missile force one battalion officers and soldiers, be in ” subterranean dragon palace ” it is important that development study comprehends chairman of be used to speech. Rocket army ” example of 100 good squad leaders ” , Yang Jun says one class Master Sergeant: “Cacique abundants abundant entrust since is invigorated is to lash more, we want aggrandizement sense of responsibility and sense of urgency, solid hammer into shape excellent competence, hard pickaback rises strong army important task, increase force at any time battle, can punctual blast off, the core ability of significant damage. ”   is in some maritime space carries out the East China Sea combat readiness patrols the theater of operation of the eastpart part of the task is naval naval vessel of Zhengzhou of some chaser detachmen松江江学路桑拿会所t, constituent officers and soldiers is in maritime listen it is important to watched chairman of be used to speech. Hui Xiao of Wei of captain of a naval ship of female exercitation of Chinese first place says: “The serious talk of chairma闵行荤场n of be used to makes a person excited and bold and inhibited, clinking, a kind strong

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